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Product Note Title
PN 402 Tied Diaphragm Regulators
PN 403 Supply Pressure Effect
PN 407 Heating Source Regulators
PN 408 NF3 Seat Materials
PN 409 Two Stage Regulators
PN 411 AP 3651 and AP 4651 Diaphragm Valve
PN 413 Regulator Outlet Pressure Overshoot Upon Initial Pressurization
PN 414 Single Melt SS Caution
PN 415 AP 3625/4625 Handle Options
PN 416 Product Shipping Weights
PN 417 Flow Coefficient (Cv) and Critical Pressure Drop Ratio (Xt)
PN 419 3571 & 4571 Two Step Diaphragm Valve
PN 421 Regulator Seat Abrasion
PN 422 Pressure Regulator Across-the-seat Leak Testing
PN 423 AP 74 & 74B Application Guide
PN 424 AP 3510 Valve
PN 426 Supply Pressure Effect Concerns for High-Flow Regulators Used in High Pressure, Compressed Gas Applications
PN 427 Valve Series High Temperature Options
PN 428 Gas Data Table
PN 429 Trademarked Materials
PN 430 Valve Constant Bleed (CB) Option
PN 431 Face Seal Fitting Explanation, 1/4 Inch High Flow and 3/8 Inch
PN 434 Vacuum Generator Exhaust
PN 435 Quantifying Bubble Tight
PN 436 Product Cleaning for Oxygen Service
PN 437 Pressure Regulator Preset Options
PN 438 Absolute Versus Gauge Pressure Units


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Check Valve, AP 64
Flow Switches
Pressure Regulators
Pressure Regulator, Back Pressure
Pressure Regulator, Crossover Manifold AK M60
Pressure Regulator, Crossover Manifold AK M80/86
Pressure Regulator, Panel Mounting
Pressure Regulator, Piston Sensed, KT 9, KT 10 and KT 12
Pressure Regulator, Vaporizing Steam Heated
Vacuum Generators
Valve, Bellows Manual
Valve, Manual Diaphragm
Valve, Pneumatic Diaphragm, (normally closed)
Valve, Pneumatic Diaphragm, (normally open)
Valve Panel Mounting Instructions, AP 3260/3600/4600
Valve Panel Mounting Instructions, AP 3625/4625
Valve Panel Mounting Instructions, AP 3650/4650
Valve Panel Mounting Instructions, AP 3657/4657
Valve, LOTO AP PL 225
Valve, LOTO AP PL 226
Valve, LOTO AP PL 227
Valve, LOTO AP PL 228


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Report # Title
30016497 Nitrous Oxide Compatibility Test
020718 Surface Finish of AP Tech Products


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Report # Title
30008300 Regulator Flow Curves